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Questions & Answers

Q: What made you decide to become a gluten free kitchen?

A: I would say there have been a number of factors that brought us to this place. Sensitivity to the subject via loved ones
who suffer with gluten, customer demand, and the opportunity of exploring a different approach to food.

Q: How do you choose your suppliers?

A: A few things... We love the idea of supporting our community and buying from our neighbors is one of the ways we make that happen. This is one of the reasons why we select our ingredients from local producers. From a food safety perspective, because we are a gluten free kitchen, it is essential that our suppliers can guarantee we are buying a "clean" product. All of that to say, a lot of thought goes into where we source everything that goes into your food

Q: What do you mean by seasonal eating?

A: Seasonal eating is the epitome of eating locally. It is not difficult to understand that a vegetable or fruit is best when harvested ripe. Clearly, February tomatoes are a very different product than August tomatoes, in Nova Scotia. Because our aim is to provide you with the best quality possible we are offering some products that you will see only at specific times of the year …their times!

*You can stay tuned on what is in season and what is out of season here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.*

Q: What about sodium?

A: Many of our customers have a variety of health issues. So in order to accommodate folks who have problems with sodium, we tend to under-salt our food. Feel free to add salt to your liking.