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Questions & Answers

Q: What made you decide to become a gluten free kitchen?

A: I would say there have been a number of factors that brought us to this place. Sensitivity to the subject via loved ones
who suffer with gluten, customer demand, and the opportunity of exploring a different approach to food.

Q: How do you choose your suppliers?

A: A few things... We love the idea of supporting our community and buying from our neighbors is one of the ways we make that happen. This is one of the reasons why we select our ingredients from local producers. From a food safety perspective, because we are a gluten free kitchen, it is essential that our suppliers can guarantee we are buying a "clean" product. All of that to say, a lot of thought goes into where we source everything that goes into your food

Q: What do you mean by seasonal eating?

A: Seasonal eating is the epitome of eating locally. It is not difficult to understand that a vegetable or fruit is best when harvested ripe. Clearly, February tomatoes are a very different product than August tomatoes, in Nova Scotia. Because our aim is to provide you with the best quality possible we are offering some products that you will see only at specific times of the year …their times!

*You can stay tuned on what is in season and what is out of season here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.*

Q: What about sodium?

A: Many of our customers have a variety of health issues. So in order to accommodate folks who have problems with sodium, we tend to under-salt our food. Feel free to add salt to your liking. 


What is it?
- Flax is a grain that is packed full of fiber and omega 3!
- Flax comes in seed form
- Flax can be ground into a flour and/or mixed with water to product a gel.  

What products is it in?
Any product with flour!
- Savory Pies
- Fruit Pies
- Pizzas
- Waffles

What does it do for us?
 Prevents heart disease & atherosclerosis
 Supports brain function and mood
 May protect against some cancers

Flax Flour

FIBER – Flax has soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber can help your body control blood sugars and lower the cholesterol in your blood. Insoluble fiber keeps the contents of your gastrointestinal tract moving at a healthy rate! Fiber is filling! Healthy products with fiber will keep you full and satisfied until your next meal, curbing cravings for unhealthy snacks!

LIGNANS– are phytoestrogens, which may protect us against cancer, particularly breast and colon cancer.
ALA – ALA is one of your essential omega-3 fatty acids.

*Essential means your body doesn’t make this on its own, it needs products like ours to supply it!

OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS protect against heart disease and atherosclerosis because it lowers your LDL-cholesterol. (Which is the “bad” cholesterol that could build up in our bloodstream!)

OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS have recently been found to play a huge role in our brain development and function. Omega 3 supplements now say “For Heart and Brain Health” Exciting!!! In some studies, they are being used to treat, or prevent the onset, of mental health disorders. In fact, those with mood disorders need more omega-3 than others!

Where did we get this information and where can YOU find more?
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Learn more about Omega 3 and where you can get more, here! 
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What is it?
So what is a pseudocereal? Well you've heard of quinoa right? Well thats one example, and buckwheat and amaranth are others. Pseudocereals reek big benefits especially for those following a gluten free diet!

Pseudocereals can be ground into flour and used in gluten free breads - producing products that are much higher in important vitamins and nutrients!

Did you know that not all of the protein you take in your diet gets absorbed and used by your body? What a shame! Pseudocereals are not only high in protein but are high in the kind that is most easily used by our bodies! So you're getting 'more bang for your buck' kinda thing ?

What does it do for us?
Unfortunately people on gluten free diets often don't get the fiber they need. Lucky for us, pseudocereals are high in fiber and dietitians recommend those on gluten free diets try to work more into their meals. Don't worry guys, we got you covered with our flour blend!


What is it?
At Pie R Squared, we do our best to use as many local ingredients as we can. Unfortunately, we are limited by Canada's climate and growing season, and so we can't get EVERYTHING locally. Sugar is one thing that we can't. But what we do, is ensure those who produce the sugar for us receive fair compensation for their hard work. Just Us! Makes that easy for us. Just Us is a coffee roasters Co-op and we are lucky to have two locations here in Wolfville. Just Us' mission is 'People and the Planet before profits' and so they partner with many small-scale, organic farmers in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa, and ensure there is a fair trade agreement.

We purchase organic, fair trade sugar from Just Us, and they buy it directly from a group of small cooperatives in the region of Arroyos y Esteros in central Paraguay. Of course, we at Pie R Squared are aware that high sugar consumption is not good for our customers' health, so we use as little as possible in our products. But when we do use sugar, we can promise that we know exactly where it comes from, how it was grown, and how it was compensated for. You can find Just Us sugar in our fruit pies and pizza dough. For more information about this local business, visit www.justuscoffee.com 

Just Us! Organic, Fair Trade Sugar Pies Made With Just Us! Organic, Fair Trade Sugar Just Us! Organic, Fair Trade Sugar