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What is it?
So what is a pseudocereal? Well you've heard of quinoa right? Well thats one example, and buckwheat and amaranth are others. Pseudocereals reek big benefits especially for those following a gluten free diet!

Pseudocereals can be ground into flour and used in gluten free breads - producing products that are much higher in important vitamins and nutrients!

Did you know that not all of the protein you take in your diet gets absorbed and used by your body? What a shame! Pseudocereals are not only high in protein but are high in the kind that is most easily used by our bodies! So you're getting 'more bang for your buck' kinda thing ?

What does it do for us?
Unfortunately people on gluten free diets often don't get the fiber they need. Lucky for us, pseudocereals are high in fiber and dietitians recommend those on gluten free diets try to work more into their meals. Don't worry guys, we got you covered with our flour blend!