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Outside of NogginsInside Noggins

Check them out at: 

Phone: (902) 542-5515

Email: cebishop@nogginsfarm.ca

Business Name: Noggins Corner

Location: Greenwich, Nova Scotia

What Noggins Can Offer: Noggins provides community members (and beyond) with numerous fruits and crops, a farm market, a dairy unit and modern storage. They grow 52 varieties of apples and numerous pears, peaches, plums and raspberries. In the Fall you will find sweet corn, pumpkin and squash as well. However, Noggins has modern ultra-low oxygen technology in their storehouse to ensure customers can enjoy these delicious delicacies year-round. Be sure to stop by for great local produce and check out their U-pick and corn maze!

The People Behind the Business: Avard and Sandy Bishop took over Noggins farm in 1955 and now share the business with their eldest sons Andrew and Stirling Bishop. It all began in 1760 with crops, fruit orchards and dairy cows. Noggins is a strong family business that shares love and warmth with every customer.

Fun Fact: Noggins exports some of their fruit to the Caribbean; you never know, those plums you chowed down on during that vay-kay could have been from here in the Valley!

Learn more about Noggins Farm and find its various locations at www.nogginsfarm.ca.

Check them out at: 

Phone: (902) 542-3442

Email: lbest@ns.sympatico.ca

Business Name: FarmWorks Investment Co-Operative Limited

Location: all of Nova Scotia

Business Philosophy: FarmWorks is having a significant effect on Nova Scotia’s food sector by strengthening many food and farming businesses. Recognizing that access to high quality local food for people everywhere is a significant challenge, FarmWorks supports farms and processors and restaurants featuring local products in communities across the Province. The networking and trickle-down effects have been remarkable as we see demand for local products grow, and new alliances develop. FarmWorks is helping to chart a path for growth by investing in all facets of local food production and distribution, while improving food security – a key determinant of the health of people, communities, and the economy of Nova Scotia.

The People Behind the Business:  FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited was incorporated as a for-profit Co-operative by an association of community leaders concerned about social, economic and cultural needs in order to promote and provide strategic and responsible community investment in food production and distribution to increase access to a sustainable local food supply for all Nova Scotians. The FarmWorks Directors and Advisors have a wealth of experience, knowledge, skills and abilities to contribute to the planning and implementation of investment, mentoring and outreach activities.

The Connection between us: "FarmWorks is pleased to be a supporter of Pie R Squared! Heather was the recipient of the very first loan granted by FarmWorks, and we’re pleased to work with her and enjoy her great food!"

Our Past BFFs

heck them out at: 

Phone: (902) 582-7565 / Fax: (902) 582-3661

Email: retail@blomidonwine.ca

Business Name:  Blomidon Estate Winery

Location: Canning, NS

Business Philosophy: “At Blomidon Estate Winery, our commitment is to producing 100% Nova Scotia grown wines; award-winning reds, whites, sparkling, and dessert wines that clearly show the unique aspects of our Nova Scotia growing conditions.

We are proud to support our local suppliers, contractors, partners, and businesses in everything we do, and are excited to share with you what we're all about!"

The People Behind the Business:  The Ramey Family took over the winery in 2007, taking it in a new, local-oriented direction. You can always find one of them, from grandparents to grandchildren, helping out at the winery, or one of our managers - Simon, Harold, or Gordon!"

The Connection between us: "Not too long ago Pie R Squared got in touch with Blomidon looking for a unique new ingredient - Icewine! We're very excited to see what Heather and the Pie R Squared team have created, and can't wait to get involved in more new and exciting local recipes."