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At Pie R Squared in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, we make your health our priority. Our artisanal kitchen uses locally raised meats and produce to create sensational dishes just for you. Our menu is always changing with the season and we invite you to check back often as the seasons change and be sure to check out our Facebook page as well!

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Savory Pies Scrumptious Soups Pizzas Specialty Entrees Treat Yourself!

Sweet Potato Pie

Savory Pie

Savory Pies (5" & 9")

Grass Fed Beef & Ale Pot Pie (Dairy-Free)
Entirely local, no matter the season. Delicious, grass fed beef accompanied by carrots, onions, potatoes, and garlic simmer in gluten-free ale for just the right amount of time, offering the perfect melding of flavors.

Free Range Chicken Curry Pot Pie (Dairy-Free)
Full of flavor with just enough kick. Locally raised free range chicken and vegetables in combination with the richness of unique homemade curry blend.

Free Range Chicken Pot Pie (Dairy-Free)
An old favorite with a twist. Bursting with chucks of plump, locally raised free range chicken and florets of broccoli all brought together with the freshness of tarragon.

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Pie (Dairy-Free & Vegan)
A great vegetarian meal with a sizzle. Sweet potato with a smattering of tomatoes, black beans, and mild green chillies.

Turkey Cranberry Pot Pie (Dairy-Free)
Local free range turkey, generously sliced mushrooms, plump cranberries and a dash of summer savory. Turkey Dinner in a crust!

Scrumptious Soups

What better way to fight the winter blues than to snuggle up with a warm bowl?!

*Please note: Wooley socks, fleece blanket and good company not included with purchase, sorry ;)

Bacon & Ham Pea (Dairy-Free, Contains Mustard)
Just like Momma used to make except with double pork, bacon, and ham. Does it get better?! Simply full of flavor!

Southwest Turkey (Dairy-Free)
A great southern blend of chillies, free-range turkey, local veggies, beans, lime, and cilantro.

Thai Coconut Curry (Dairy-Free & Vegan)
The velvet result of mixing squash, coconut milk, and vegetarian Thai green curry for a genuinely vegan soup.

**Stay tuned for our seasonal soup selections**

Tomato Basil Soup

Pizzas Being Made

Pizzas (7")

Really craving pizza, but not up for the bloated, fatigued feeling that take out sometimes leaves? No problem! ‘Take Out’ one of our nutritious AND delicious pizzas today!

Chorizo Sausage with Mozza (Contains Milk)
Chorizo sausage is the feature of this pizza. A thin multi-grain crust topped with our roasted red pepper pesto carries this great meal option.

Veggies with Feta & Mozza (Vegetarian & Contains Milk)
Sitting on top of our thin multi-grain crust is our homemade roasted red pepper pesto and tons of veggies. We top it off with feta and mozzarella to make your Friday pizza night something to look forward to!

Stay tuned for our new pizza that is going to be released soon.

Pizza Dinner

Specialty Entrées (400g)

Do you want a wholesome meal, but don't have the time to spend in the kitchen all day? Look no further!

Chorizo & Beef Chili (Dairy-Free)
Local grass fed beef, chorizo sausage, soldier beans, tomatoes, corn, and our very own chili spice blend make this entrée something special! Great on our waffles for a real treat.

Moroccan Stew (Dairy-Free & Vegan)
Chickpeas and loads of veggies with a house blend of Moroccan style spices.

Ray's Cabbage Rolls with Marinara Sauce (Dairy-Free)
From his mom's recipe book, ground beef and pork, basmati rice, and our version of marinara sauce are all in this delicious tribute entrée.


Treat Yourself!

Apple Pie (Vegan)
Beautiful valley apples in a simple cinnamon sauce with organic, fair trade cane sugar.

An Italian-style, hand-pressed treat, these versatile cookies can be enjoyed in so many ways. Ice cream sandwiches,  tea and biscuits, or equally as delicious  with blue cheese on a charcuterie board. Please see the items below for our seasonal Pizzelles.

• Rosemary: The Fall Season • Orange Spice: The Holiday Season (November)
• Lavender: Spring Time • Our Original: Available Year Round!

Waffles (Dairy-Free)
Imagine a Belgian-style, dairy-free waffle everyone can enjoy. Consider this as your blank canvas. Use it as sandwich bread, pulled pork foundation, morning toast, or just old-fashioned, delicious waffles.

**Stay tuned for our seasonal sweets selections**
Seasonal Items