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Our kitchen in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, is committed to providing healthy meals for the whole family to enjoy. Contact Pie R Squared today to learn more about our gluten-free food!

Our Story The People Behind the Food Continued Excellence Our Philosophy

Our Story

On July 3, 2009, we moved to Wolfville, Nova Scotia to start our new journey. We had no real plans other than the desire to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Upon our arrival, a neighbor from across the street knocked on our door and offered a pint of fresh strawberries and a jar of freshly made jam. Because of her, we were received by the neighborhood with open arms. She taught us everything that we needed to know to survive in our daily routine. On one occasion, she told us to visit the farmers’ market on a Saturday, and so we did. That’s when we felt the need to be part of this market community.

The Beginning of Our Journey

Three months later, we had a product, established a certified kitchen with food safety requirements, and a spot at The Wolfville Farmers’ Market. Today, we are not only business owners; we are also part of the movement that believes that buying seasonally and locally makes sense nutritionally, economically, and socially.

Food Collage

The Pie R Squared

In 2013, we decided to change focus.  We were motivated by our background in holistic health, customers seeking items to accommodate their various dietary needs, and an apparent nutritional hole in gluten-free products. We were ready to remove gluten from our kitchen and explore the variety of seeds and grains at our disposal. We are now proud to say that we serve dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan options in our menu.

The People Behind the Food



Heather is the brains behind the business! As owner she is involved in product development, financing, production – the whole works! With a background in holistic medicine and work on a dairy farm, she believes that mother nature offers us the food we need to nourish ourselves, when we need it! It is her quirky, fun personality and beautiful morals that make Pie R Squared the fantastic business that it is.

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Co-owner, Ray Lunan pops into the kitchen occasionally and is famous for his cabbage rolls! Mainly he delivers our products to our suppliers in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and also picks up our ingredients from local farmers. Ray is a pleasure to have on board and is a great moral support as well!



Acacia is a Nutrition and Dietetics student at Acadia University and is just a few steps away from becoming a Registered Dietitian. Acacia was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at the age of two and struggled to find good gluten free products when she moved to Wolfville in September 2015. It was then that she was introduced to Pie R Squared and fell in love with both our product and business. She has been volunteering in the kitchen ever since and has recently been hired on as our Social Media Manager. Her passion for science and nutrition in combination with her creative and communicative skills is a wonderful asset to our company.

The Flower Cart

The Flower Cart Group

The Flower Cart Group is a conglomeration of social enterprises serving a dual purpose – working to provide employment training opportunities that enrich the lives of participants, and adding value for Valley businesses. The Flower Cart Group believes that everyone has the right to meaningful, challenging employment and we do too! We are so happy to have several additional smiling faces in our kitchen every Wednesday.

Continued Excellence

We received a Tier 1 award on January 2013 and a Tier 2 award on February 2014 from the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture. The award is known as a productivity and innovation (PNI) voucher and is given to those who put forth a proposal for a product or service that is innovative and worthy of recognition for having potential to build a business. This gave us access to resources through Acadia University that are funded through the government.
*We now supply the Tim Horton Children's Foundation Camp in Tatamagouche, NS with dedicated, gluten-free dishes for their camp.

Our Philosophy

What We're Actually Selling

We provide our customers with the resources needed to improve/maintain their health and the health of their families. Our goal is not to sell the most product but to sell the product that will be most beneficial to the customer’s health and the customer’s environment.

We believe in:

• Using food to support our physical and mental health
• Nutritious, delicious and convenient options
• Eating with the seasons
• Supporting the local economy of our customers
• Fair trade and honest products
• Free range and ethically treated meat
• Minimizing food waste
• Products free of preservatives and harmful additives

Convenience You Can Trust

We understand that you are busy; in today’s society it is hard not to look for a quick, convenient fix. We get it. Unfortunately, the quick fix is often pre-packaged, ready-to-eat, sodium laden, fat filled, ‘synthetic’ food products. We want more for our customers. We offer a product that will fill the need for convenience, but will fill your body’s need for nutrients and love as well.

Food allergies are more prevalent in our society than ever before. And with the diagnosis of such allergies could come confusion, disappointment and distrust. For those with food allergies eating food that you didn’t prepare yourself, means putting your health in the hands of others – and that can certainly be difficult! We aim to lessen that difficulty because we understand; we offer allergen friendly products produced in a safe space that are not at risk of being cross-contaminated. We take the extra steps to ensure we know the source of every ingredient in every one of our products, so we can confidently say they have not come in contact with allergens.

We 'Do All the Work'

Supporting local is important huh? But running from farmer to farmer, from market to market, from one end of the valley to the next is time and effort consuming. We get it. That’s why we do the running around for you! We collect as many local ingredients as we can and pack them into our meals – so by supporting us, you are also supporting numerous local farmers and vendors. Yay you!

You want to feed your family as well as possible right? Of course you do! But you just got home from work and the kids are hungry and impatient and chopping all those veggies is a hassle. No worries, we at Pie R Squared have done all the work for you – all you have to do is pop one of our meals in your oven on a busy day, and feel good about feeding your family a healthy, wholesome meal!